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Reiki Wien

universal energy or holistic energy. This is the translation of the Japanese word Rei-ki (Rei: universal, Ki: Energy). Thus, Reiki is a form of energy that supports us in a holistic way in all aspects of our health. Reiki increases the power of our self-healing capability. The more this capability is activated the better we can cope with stress and illness.

a technique, we can use to treat ourselves or other people with.

The alitity to treat yourself makes you independent, no need to go to a Reiki therapist. However, Reiki does not substitute conventional medicine, it can be used in addition to any form of therapy.

an attitude towards life, that implies taking over responsability for your own life and your health. Instead of complaining when you are confronted with a crisis or illness, you start to see an opportunity to grow and overcome the problem.

A short video to explain what Reiki is:

Reiki seminars, training and treatments in Vienna and Austria. You will find current seminar dates and additional information on my seminar Webseite.

More Reiki videos (in German) here


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